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The Stripper® & EZ-Grip®

Tools for denudation and handling


The Stripper® & EZ-Grip®


Aspiration volumes can easily be changed when needed


Ergonomic design requiring minimal maintenance


Fits most plastic denudation and handling tips (0.9 mm diameter)

Fast identification

EZ-Grip features a pipette size tip indicator dial


Tried and tested


Pipettors to accommodate all sizes
of pipettes

  • Close-tolerance plastic tips are flexible, with smooth edges and consistent geometries

  • Made from flexible medical-grade plastic, ensuring no scratches on Petri dishes

  • Also available in a multi-pack vial for cost-effective options

  • Designed for optimal performance and economy

Bulb pipetting range


The EZ-Squeeze is a medical grade plastic tip fitted with a flexible bulb for a reliable seal and simpler set-up. EZ-Squeeze tips are available in all common sizes.

EZ-Squeeze Handle

The autoclavable EZ-Squeeze handle is designed to offer ease of handling and a comfortable working position.


Developed for strict lab sterility, minimizing cross-contamination risk. The long version is ideal for the handling of oocytes in tubes.