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RI Integra 3

Thermosafe Air Heating System
Ultimate Thermal Control for RI Integra 3


RI Integra 3

ColourTouch Screen

With the 3.5-inch touchscreen display, monitor temperature, track time with a stopwatch, and count injections. Electronic height indicators track tool holder positions vertically.

Shortcut Video And Images

If you need to keep track of samples or procedures, just hit the shortcut buttons to film or photograph any stage of the process. There’s a counter button and an onscreen stopwatch as well.

Motion Triggered LED Light

A motion triggered light illuminates underthe stage as soon as it detects your hand, to help you see when changing objectives.

Precise And Intuitive Control

When you perform ART micromanipulation procedures, accuracy is paramount. RI Integra 3™ o ers the finest possible movement on the XYM stage and fine and coarse levers as well as a choice of oil or air syringes for the control of samples.

RI Viewer Software

You can use the RI Integra 3™ without a computer or camera. With RI Viewer™ you can use the shortcut keys. Enjoy razor-sharp full screen imaging from the microscope, with digital magnification and a modern, clean user interface.


Thermosafe Air Heating System

Provides optimum temperature control during extended micromanipulation procedures such as ICSI, IMSI and embryo biopsy.
  • No Cold Spots

  • Super-Fast

  • Practical

  • Safe

  • Integrated

  • Accurate


Syringes For Micromanipulation

  • The Integra 3™ includes two SAS™ air syringes as standard

  • These syringes o er superb control and eliminate the need for oil

  • Also available is the SAS-SE™ and SOS™ oil syringe

SAS-SE and SAS Air Syringe

  • EasyTo Use

  • Uncomplicated

  • For Air-Filled Aspiration/Injection

  • Accurate

  • Sensitive Control

  • Low Dead-Air Volume

  • High Suction/Pressure

  • Equilibrating Button

SOS Oil Syringe

  • For Oil-Filled Aspiration/Injection

  • Easy Refill Feature

  • Accurate

  • Sensitive Control

  • High Suction/Pressure

  • Excellent Ergonomics

  • Specially designed for microinjection of spermatozoa, holding of cells, extraction and transfer of cells

  • Can be used with all common micromanipulation systems