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Collection & Manipulation



Collection & Manipulation Media

  • Optimized physical and chemical conditions

  • A large range of different oocyte retrieval and handling media
    • all media are HEPES buffered
    • the ORIGIO Handling medium is dual HEPES/MOPS buffered
    • the entire media range has multiple protein options


ORIGIO® Handling Medium

  • Stable pH for oocyte handling and micromanipulation

  • Modern, ready-to-use handling medium

  • Dual buffer (HEPES/MOPS) ensures stable pH outside incubator

Product Specifications Components
HEPES / MOPS   Physiological salts HSA
HSA: 5 mg/mL   HEPES / MOPS Gentamicin
Available with and without phenol red   Bicarbonate Phenol red
Shelf life: 26 weeks from date of manufacture   Energy substrates  
Shelf life after opening: 7 days   Amino acids  
Ready-to-use   Vitamins