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Class II

Ideal for high-risk patient material, ensuring safety


Mars-IVF workstation

  • Uniform, non-turbulent airflow with H-14 HEPA filters

  • Electrically adjustable front window

  • Noise level < 52 dBA

  • Stable temperature on the heated surface

  • Heated surface with prepared microscope, LED light source

  • Programmable auto-start and shut-down for all features


work chamber
Minimise the stress on embryos


G603 work chamber

  • Combines K-Systems features with incubator environment

  • Ideal suction chamber for sampling processes

  • Designed for secure transport between aspiration and lab

  • Perfect for working procedures in the IVF laboratory

  • Electrical adjustable height range: 750 – 1150mm

  • Re-circulated, humidified, warmed gas ensures stable environment