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INBI „Prof. Dr. Matei Balș”


Chemical steam decontamination shower cubicles and emergency showers for face and body

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Project execution: 21.12.2015 – 15.01.2016

Chemical steam decontamination shower cubicles and emergency showers for face and body

Implemented solution:

Designing the decontamination solution together with the specialists, based on the classifications of the P100 1/2006 Seismic Design Code and Law 307/2006 on fire protection.

Design, location, installation and commissioning related to biosafety of chemical steam decontamination uses for biosafety class BSL 2 to BSL 4 and emergency showers for face and body.

Design and execution of water supply installations and special decontamination solutions for equipment, fresh air introduction and exhaust air installations in and from decontamination showers – with filtration on stainless steel tubing and through HEPA H14 filters.

Electrical and IT installations – design and execution of automation and control panels correlated with equipment programming.

Installation, assembly, water supply and commissioning of emergency showers for face and body, made of copper and stainless steel with surfaces treated/coated with chemical resistant polyester powder.

X-Lab Solutions innovation:

Sizing, integration into the project (on structural elements and strength conditioning of the host building), location and commissioning of four grade chemical steam decontamination showers: BSL 2 – biosafety level 2, BSL 3 – biosafety level 3 and BSL 4 – biosafety level 4.

Products / Partners:

PBSC Ltd., UK – SH50 APR ISD chemical steam decontamination showers.
EATON Industries GmbH, Germany – Electrical equipment and switchgear, electrical fuses.
REGIN – Automation elements.
TROX Technik GmbH, Germany – HEPA H14 filters and boxes for KSF type biosafety filters.