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Spitalul Medicover


Operating Theater, clean rooms with operating room and annexes destination

Detalii lucrare

Project execution: 01.08.2011 – 01.03.2012

Operating Theater, clean rooms with operating room and annexes destination

Implemented solution:

Installation of clean enclosures made in the house-to-house system.

Execution of air conditioning installations to ensure microclimate parameters specific to clean room enclosures.

X-Lab Solutions innovation:

Segregation of medical premises according to the accepted risk of contamination (aseptic, sterile) and differentiation of circuits and flows (medical/non-medical, septic/aseptic, open/closed, etc.), according to the standard on the design and verification of hospital buildings and related installations – NP 015/97.

Interposition of barriers – control and sanitation filters at crossings between areas with different potential for contamination; use of special equipment and installations for the treatment, cleaning, disinfection, sterilisation of all components of the hospital environment that may be a medium for the transmission of infections (air, water, effluents, people, food, pharmaceutical products, instruments, linen, etc.).

Insertion of architectural components (clean room panels, doors, sanitation profiles, etc.) through the gaps in the floor, intended for the passage of the air conditioning piping, resulting in the streamlining of activities and optimisation of the initial Gantt Chart.

Products / Partners:

PLASTEUROP, France – Clean room compartments.
SALDA UAB, Lithuania – Air handling unit.
SAMSUNG, South Korea – Condensing unit.
FRANCE AIR, France – Air filtration and distribution equipment and elements.
ARMSTRONG, USA – „CLIP IN” type metal cassette ceiling for clean rooms.
POLYFLOR, EU – Professional floor coverings for the medical environment.