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Clinica Medicală de Fertilizare In-Vitro GYNATAL


Clean rooms for GYNATAL IVF clinic

Detalii lucrare

Project execution: 12.05.2017 – 16.10.2017

Clean rooms for GYNATAL IVF clinic

Implemented solution:

Fitting out and partitioning (design and execution) of the space as a clean room enclosure for IVF clinics (en. IVF).

HVAC installations – air conditioning and ventilation specific to ensure the microclimatic parameters of the clean room premises.

Low-current electrical installations and medical equipment monitoring infrastructure.

Medical gas installations – complete design and execution with monitoring and alarm system.

Products / Partners:

NICOMAC S.R.L, Italy – Lightweight HPL partitions for clean rooms.
ARMSTRONG, USA – „CLIP IN” type metal cassette ceiling for clean rooms.
GERFLOR Flooring Group, EU – Professional antimicrobial PVC flooring and wallpaper for medical rooms.
SOCIETE TRANE, France – Air handling unit.
SAMSUNG, South Korea – DVM-S ECO INVERTER condensing unit.
FRANCE AIR, France – Air filtration and distribution equipment and elements.
LIGHT – LUXIONA, Poland – „CLIP IN” type environmental and emergency lighting for clean rooms.
LEGRAND, USA – Antimicrobial electrical equipment and switchgear; Low current electrical installations and medical equipment monitoring infrastructure.
LINDE Gas – Design and execution of medical gas installations complete with cylinder and pressure reducing stations, distribution network and terminal units.
SINTESY S.R.L, Italy – Equipment and application for medical gas monitoring. Validations – Tests, measurements and certifications specific to cleanrooms – according to ISO 14 644 „Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments”.

X-Lab Solutions innovation:

Design and implementation of medical technology flows, medical systems and equipment, providing a design engineer according to the „Standard for the design and verification of hospital buildings and facilities” – Indicative NP 01597.

Implementation of climate monitoring solution through SCADA monitoring interface/application in computer + Web-Server access and EXOscada license.

Implementation of monitoring solution for medical fluids for cryopreservation.

Design and implementation of the automated solution for natural convective ventilation of the cryopreservation area, coordinated with the dedicated monitoring system.