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Spitalul Clinic Colțea


Clean Room Enclosure and HVAC System – Hematology Section, Stem Cell Transplant Compartment

Detalii lucrare

Project execution: 20.12.2010 – 31.05.2011

Clean Room Enclosure and HVAC System – Hematology Section, Stem Cell Transplant Compartment

Implemented solution:

Cladding of plasterboard walls with electrostatically painted galvanised steel plates.

Connecting the HVAC system for the clean rooms to the hospital’s BMS system.

Installation and installation of medical gas distribution equipment.

Execution of the installations: air conditioning to ensure the microclimate parameters specific to the clean room premises, sanitary, electrical for strong and weak currents.

Complex microbial filtration system based on ultrafiltration membrane technology ensuring the removal of pathogens from drinking water.

Products / Partners:

PENMECO, Czech Republic – Clean room compartments.
SALDA UAB, Lithuania – Air handling unit.
SAMSUNG, South Korea – Condensing unit.
France Air, France – Air filtration and distribution equipment and elements.
BAUTECH GENERAL CONSTRUCT, Austria – Romania – Construction.
DELTA P S.R.L., Italy – Nassetti brand gas and medical fluid installations – Wall brackets and call assistance installations.
NORIT/Filtrix BV – Ultrapure water filtration system – Line Guard 100.
KARSTULAN METALLI OY, Finland – Vertical laminar flow bacteriological hood – Lamil Plus 13.

X-Lab Solutions innovation:

Cladding existing plasterboard walls with 0.8 mm thick galvanised steel plates in vertical strips 1200 mm wide, electrostatically painted in RAL colours to save space inside.

To provide natural lighting, glazing (window panels) with integrated blinds were integrated into the plasterboard walls in front of the existing windows of the host building.

Professional PVC flooring for the medical environment.

Cleanroom specific test validations, measurements and certifications – according to ISO 14 644 „Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments”.