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Spitalul Clinic „Prof. Dr. Th.Burghele”


Nurse call system for healthcare

Detalii lucrare

Project execution: 21.08.2018 – 15.11.2018

Nurse call system for healthcare

Implemented solution:

Network infrastructure design – cabling, installation and commissioning.

ATI Medical Equipment – Calling system for healthcare.

Products / Partners:

EUROTRONIK KRANJ, Slovenia – Complete Wireless Nurse Call System including cables and transmission, signal lamps, central unit.

X-Lab Solutions innovation:

Nurse Call Wireless nurse call system.

Main elements:

NurseTab Display RFID,
NurseTab NurseCall Module,
NurseTab display for nurse room,
UPS Module.

NurseTab Display

NurseTab display
for nurse room

NurseTab NurseCall

UPS Module