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Video Laryngoscope


Video Laryngoscope

  • Same blade shape, same light output but with an optimum view

  • Optimum quality product at an affordable price point

  • Large 3.75” LCD screen with a 2.0 megapixel blade camera

  • One year guarantee and after-sales support available

Display 3.75” screen size
3.75” screen size
LCD monitor
800 x 480 RGB resolution ratio
4:3 aspect ratio
30 FPS video refresh rate LED illumination
160° view angle
110° tilt angle
180° rotation angle
Data output Create & store files
Internal memory 7.5 GB internal storage
Image output USB interface to PC
Micro HDMI output
Laryngoscope blade camera 2.0 megapixels resolution ratio
>800LUX illuminance
Video/image capture button on handle
Includes USB power adapter
USB charging cable
HDMI Cable
Hard case
Handle Video/image capture function
Comfortable ergonomic short handle design
Battery Rechargeable lithium battery
≥120 minutes on a full charge
3.7 volts
3200 mAh capacity
Guarantee Guarantee – 1 year for video device and blades
  • Convenient rechargeable battery, lasting for over 2 hours

  • Crystal clear colour correct image quality with a 3.75” LCD high resolution screen. Resolution ratio: 800 x 480RGB

  • HDMI connectivity to external monitor/TV screen

  • Button Functions: 1-On/Off, 2-Open menu/select, 3-Up scroll video/photo/menu, 4-Down scroll video/photo/menu/format disk (hold down)

  • Battery charge % indicator

  • 24hr time and date display

  • 180º rotating screen left/right and tilts 110º up/down. Offers a 160º viewing angle ideal for teaching multiple viewers

  • Built-in 7.5GB storage, which can store approx. 10 hours x. of video or 70k+ pictures

  • Different blade sizes, Mac 1 – Mac 5 as well as Miller 00 – Miller 1. Shaped similarly to traditional Macintosh blades

  • One-click button suitably placed on the ergonomic handle for photography and video recording

  • Anti-fog camera lens built into the reusable blade

  • The 2.0 megapixel, high resolution camera built into the blade, features a 50°- 60° lens angle

  • The reusable blade simply hooks and clips onto the Optima View system

  • 5000K LED light

Video Laryngoscope


Mac 1

Length: 101.5 mm
Width: 18.5 mm
Height: 34.4 mm

Mac 2

Length: 115mm
Width: 21mm
Height: 36.5mm

Mac 3

Length: 126.8 mm
Width: 21.5 mm
Height: 39.5 mm

Mac 4

Length: 136.5mm
Width: 21.5mm
Height: 43mm

Mac 5

Length: 149.7mm
Width: 23mm
Height: 50.8mm

Miller 00

Length: 72.2mm
Width: 14.6mm
Height: 29.5mm

Miller 0

Length: 84.3mm
Width: 15mm
Height: 29.5mm

Miller 1

Length: 110mm
Width: 16.7mm
Height: 29.5mm

Product Range


Optima View video laryngoscope handle for use with reusable blades 4000.300.50 Optima View video laryngoscope handle and LCD display 3.75’’ for reusable blades
Reusable Mac blades for use with Optima View 4500.150.10 Optima View Video Reusable Lary Mac 1 Blade
  4500.150.15 Optima View Video Reusable Lary Mac 2 Blade
  4500.150.20 Optima View Video Reusable Lary Mac 3 Blade
  4500.150.25 Optima View Video Reusable Lary Mac 4 Blade
  4500.150.30 Optima View Video Reusable Lary Mac 5 Blade
Reusable Miller blades for use with Optima View 4500.185.03 Optima View Video Reusable Lary Miller 00 Blade
  4500.185.05 Optima View Video Reusable Lary Miller 0 Blade
  4500.185.10 Optima View Video Reusable Lary Miller 1 Blade
Video Laryngoscope