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Hb 301 System

  • Optimised for anaemia screening in primary care and blood donation settings

  • Provides quick, easy access to lab-quality results without compromising accuracy

Principle Absorbance measurement of whole blood at an Hb/HbO22 isosbestic point; dual wavelengths (506 nm and 880 nm) for Hb measurement and turbidity compensation
Calibration Factory calibrated against the ICSH reference method; needs no further calibration
Sample Material Capillary, venous or arterial whole blood
Measurement Range 0 – 25.6 g/dL (0 – 256 g/L, 0 – 15.9 mmol/L)
Results ≤3 seconds
Sample Volume -10 μL
Dimensions 160 x 140 x 70 x mm (6.29 x 5.51 x 2.76 x inches)
Weight 500 g (1.10 pounds) with batteries installed
Storage Temp. Analyzer Analyzer: 0-50 °C (32 – 122 °F)
Microcuvettes: 10-40 °C (50 – 104 °F).
For unopened vials, the storage temperature can be extended down to -18 °C (-0.4 °F) and up to +50 °C (122 °F) for a period of max 6 weeks
Operating Temp. 10 – 40 °C (50 – 104 °F)
Power AC adapter or 4 AA batteries
Interface Printer and HemoCue® Basic Connect including optional barcode scanner. Data transfer using Bluetooth® technology is possible via HemoCue® BT Connect (accessory)
Quality Control Built-in self-test, optional liquid controls





microcuvette into analyzer.


the results are ready.


Hb 301 System

Confidence in answers

Precise factory calibration against the ICSH reference method and microcuvette technology with excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility

Easy access to lab-quality accuracy

Brief training with virtually no maintenance and link result with patient ID for medical record integration

Hb 301