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Proiecte Speciale

Proiecte Speciale

The softest method to place the embryo back into the uterus


Proiecte Speciale

Soft embryo transfer catheters

Offers a soft-profiled tip associated with some of the highest pregnancy.

  • Minimizes trauma for maximum success

  • Formable sheath for varied patient anatomies

  • Centimeter markings for confident placement

  • Trial transfers positively impact pregnancy rates

  • Classic range fully compatible with SureView

Classic Embryo Transfer Catheter (18/23 cm)

Classic Trial Transfer Catheter (18/23 cm)

Intermediate Embryo Transfer Catheter
– stiffer than Classic (18 cm/23 cm)

Malleable Stylet – for difficult transfers (18 cm/23 cm)


Proiecte Speciale

Ultrasound visible embryo transfer catheters

  • Full visibility under ultrasound guidance

  • Hand-crafted tip from the successful Classic catheter

  • Improved pregnancy rates with ultrasound-guided transfers

  • Enhanced accuracy and confidence in tip placement

  • Combines Classic range benefits with Sureview technology

  • Compatible with Wallace Malleable Stylet

SureView Embryo Transfer Catheter & Trial Transfer Catheter (18/23 cm)

SureView Embryo Transfer Catheter (18/23 cm)

SureView Trial Transfer Catheter (18/23 cm)


Proiecte Speciale

Supported embryo transfer catheters

  • Hand-crafted tip for Classic catheter benefits

  • Facilitates inner catheter passage through the uterus

  • Supported inner catheter enhances control

  • Pre-formed curve aids cervical canal navigation

  • Adjustable silicone marker guides depth and tip

  • Available with soft obturator and firm stylet

Sure-Pro Embryo Transfer Catheter

Sure-Pro Embryo Transfer Catheter with firm stylet PPS623 (23 cm)

Sure-Pro Embryo Transfer Catheter with soft obturator PPB623 (23 cm)


Proiecte Speciale

Supported ultrasound visible embryo transfer catheters

Sure-Pro Ultra combines SureView’s echogenic properties with the soft, hand-crafted inner catheter tip.

SureView micro bubbles are present throughout catheter length

Cross section illustrating micro bubbles and smooth internal lumen

SureView catheter shown within the uterus