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Proiecte Speciale


Proiecte Speciale

  • Stereozoom microscopes provide high magnification, clarity, and adequate space for sample handling

Olympus Configuration

Olympus SZX7 Olympus SZX10
Zoom Range 0.8x – 5.6x (Achromat) 0.63x – 6.3x (Achromat)
Zoom Ratio 1:7 1:10
Supplied magnification range 8x – 56x 6.3 – 63x
Field of view Ø27.5-Ø3.9 mm Ø34.9-Ø3.5 mm
BI/TRI Binocular tube Tube 30°
Working distance 90mm 90mm

Nikon Configuration

Nikon SMZ1270 Nikon SMZ18
Zoom Range 0.63x – 8x (Plan Apochromat) 0.75 – 13.5x (Plan Apochromat)
Zoom Ratio 1:12.7 1:18
Supplied magnification range 6.3 – 80x 7.5 – 135x
Field of view Ø34.9-Ø2.8 mm Ø59
BI/TRI TrinocularTilting Tube TrinocularTilting Tube
Working distance 70mm 60mm

FOV, the microscope field of view (maximum area visible when looking through the microscope)