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Proiecte Speciale

Quality media for every step of the ART journey


Proiecte Speciale

  • Hyaluronan-based sperm selection identifies mature, competent sperm with specific biomarkers

  • Sperm selection with hyaluronan, termed ”physiologic ICSI”, ensures the choice of mature sperm with enhanced DNA integrity

  • The ability of sperm to bind to hyaluronan correlates to:
    • better DNA integrity
    • lower DNA fragmentation rates
    • proper DNA packaging
    • lower aneuploidy rates

  • It has been shown that sperm selection with hyaluronan:
    • significantly decreases miscarriage rates
    • improves live birth outcomes among older couples
    • enhances outcomes post-failed standard ICSI cycles


Mature spermatozoa, capable of binding to hyaluronan

Immature spermatozoa, unable to bind to hyaluronan


Proiecte Speciale

Diagnostic tool with dual hyaluronan-coated chambers for sperm sample analysis.
  • Hyaluronan binding correlates with sperm maturity and chromatin integrity

  • Promotes lower chances of aneuploidy and improved DNA packaging

  • HBA index measures motile sperm binding to hyaluronan

  • There is correlation between HBA index and ICSI outcomes

  • Easy to implement, simple to perform

  • Sperm sample evaluation takes minutes

  • More data on sperm quality for the informed choice of treatment tactics

Proiecte Speciale

Perform the assay at 20-30°C. Immediately before use, mix the semen and pipette a 7-10 µL drop onto the assay chamber.
Immediately install the cover slip and avoid entrapping air bubbles. Incubate the chamber for at least 10 and not more than 20 minutes.
Within 10 minutes mature spermatozoa bind hyaluronan, cease their movement, but retain their tail beats. Immature spermatozoa swim freely and dead spermatozoa remain immobile.
Calculate the percentage of hyaluronan-binding spermatozoa. Sample must contain ≥30 motile sperm for counting. Assay precision is achieved if bound + unbound motile sperm >200.


Proiecte Speciale

  • Immobilizes and selects mature sperm for ICSI without the use of PVP

  • A semi-viscous hyaluronan-containing medium that slows down and selects mature sperm for ICSI

  • Significantly better embryo quality compared to standard ICSI

  • Significantly higher implantation rate compared to standard ICSI

  • Significantly lower DNA fragmentation rate of spermatozoa

  • Easy to implement in clinical practice


Proiecte Speciale

  • Significantly decreases miscarriage rates

  • Mitigates poor prognosis associated with advanced maternal age

  • May improve outcomes after failed ICSI cycles

  • Has Hyaluronan microdots for easy sperm selection


Proiecte Speciale

  • 7% and 10% polyvinylpyrrolidone solutions for slowing down the movement of the spermatozoa for ICSI