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Proiecte Speciale

Fixed and Directional Laser Systems


Proiecte Speciale

  • First directional laser on the market

  • A must for biopsies, assisted hatching and zona thinning

  • Biopsy Mode improves biopsy methods, reducing procedure time, lowering blastocyst collapse, and eliminating mechanical cell tearing


Pilot Laser 630-650nm spot targeting solid state diode laser – red pilot beam guarantees the position of the invisible ablation laser. It is impossible for the pilot and ablation lasers to be out of alignment with each other
Objective Custom designed objective for optimum laser transmission, crystal clear imaging and minimal laser pulse times. Tested and proven not to exhibit astigmatism with RI Saturn 5™ Laser Systems. 20x and 40x objectives are available
Ablation Laser 1480nm /400mW solid state diode laser. Pulse length range 0.005-2.0ms / 5-2000µs. Class 1 laser product. Tested and proven not to exhibit thermal lensing
Laser unit dimensions:
220mm x 180mm x 34mm
CRi Oosight™ Compatibility Compatible with CRI Oosight™ and SpindleView™ systems
Fluorescence Compatibility RI Saturn™ Lasers Systems are compatible with epi-fluorescence on selected microscopes
Operation Software RI Viewer™ imaging software included – with digital laser targeting
PC System Requirements Operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 11
Mains Input 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz


Proiecte Speciale

Faster Biopsies

Biopsy mode enables precise laser drilling along straight or curved lines.

Safest Lasers on the Market

Lowest laser pulse energy for minimal energy near critical cells. Exclusion Zone™ feature ensures cell safety.

Excellent Accuracy

Excellent accuracy and unique computer controlled laser with guaranteed laser alignment.


Compatible with all popular micromanipulator and inverted microscope brands.

Intuitive Software

Intuitive RI Viewer software with streamlined interface. Programmable foot pedal controls software and laser functions, including biopsy mode.