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Proiecte Speciale

Proiecte Speciale


Proiecte Speciale

  • Ideal for diagnostic laparoscopy, myomectomy, oophorectomy, endometriosis excision, and infertility applications requiring reliable chromopertubation

  • Offers superior uterine control and minimal tissue trauma

  • Enables full control of the uterus in all directions: 90 degrees of anteversion, 50 degrees retroversion and maximum lateral positioning

  • Provides unmatched exposure and access to important anatomical structures

  • Adjustable with multiple tips and Koh-E cient Cups sizes

  • Soft, flexible distal tips, which reduce the uterine perforation and trauma and allow the intrauterine balloon to be inflated with saline, providing unmatched durability even during caudal traction

  • Koh-E cient cups help distance critical anatomy to create a margin of safety by preserving the uterosacral ligaments and displacing the ureters during colpotomy incision

Easy load system


Proiecte Speciale

Superior uterine exposure and access

Full uterine control: 90° anteversion,
50° retroversion, lateral positioning.

Unparalleled visualization and pelvic access

Flexible with diverse single-use
intrauterine tips.

Superior control and ideal visualization

2 inch longer shaft for better access.
6 tip sizes accommodate individual patient anatomy.
Sacrocolpopexy and sacrocervicopexy tips available.
Koh-Efficient® technologyfor easy, fast, safe TLHs.
Catheter management system.

Tips: the right size and less trauma

Available in six sizes, the RUMI Tips have a soft, flexible distal tip, which reduces the risk of uterine perforation and trauma.

RUMI II /Koh-E cient

Four sizes to suit patient anatomical needs.