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Proiecte Speciale

Pioneers in Electronic Witnessing
The global gold
standard for mismatch avoidance in assisted reproductive technology.


Proiecte Speciale

  • RI Witness prevents errors in ART treatment cycles

  • RI Witness electronically tracks and guides embryologists 24/7 as samples move within the laboratory

  • The system is automatic, eliminating the need for embryologists to identify samples manually

  • Enhances fertility clinics’ confidence, efficiency, and trust in laboratory sample safety

  • Contributes to the transformation of clinical insights


Proiecte Speciale

Designed for risk reduction
Continual automatic witnessing

Locks patient identityto every gamete, oocyte, embryo, biopsy and cryo sample for continuous monitoring.

Accelerates ID witnessing throughout the patient cycle.

Active all day, every day: No process goes unchecked.

RI Witness offers additional values including workflow management for effciency, time saving and simpler audits

Reduce administration.

Time saving per procedure without a double witness.

Manage and analyze your workflow.

Keep everyone informed.

Collects patient cycle information.

Saves time and increases effciency by eliminating the need for embryologists to leave their cycle forwitnessing requirements.

Proiecte Speciale

In laboratory

  • Each workstation has an RI Witness reader

  • RFID tags are attached to plasticware with a couple’s unique code

  • Tags are automatically read and logged

  • An alert is triggered for incompatible codes

  • The process proceeds only after confirming a match and action

RFID technology

  • RFID Readers are situated wherever samples are handled

  • Each RI Witness work area has a networked tablet or PC

  • Tags are passive and have no energy source

RFID readers

  • Sit on top and flush fitted Embryology Heated Plate

  • The heated plates have a composite surface with a light source window, sitting on existing bench-tops or integrating flush within worktops

Monitoring all cycles

  • Protects patients from misidentification during PGT, cryopreservation, and transfer

  • Labels and tracks samples before scanning, recording approved embryos for transfer or storage

  • Validates thawed embryos by checking the approval flag post-biopsy

  • Reassures the patient by displaying embryo pre-transfer, verified to match their patient ID or fingerprint


  • Seamlessly integrates with the patient management system

  • Provides customizable features to the most specific needs

  • Allows flexible expansion tailored to your laboratory


  • Ensures an unbroken chain of custodythroughout the patient cycle, including cryopreservation

  • IVF patients can trust their embryos are tracked at every step

  • Prevents misidentification of donor gametes and transferred embryos

Plasticware tags

There are four types of RFID tags available for plasticware:
  • Circular

  • Square

  • Rectangular

  • Time-lapse

Patient identity label sheets

  • 64 labels per sheet, suitable for pots, dishes, tubes, and RI Witness Patient ID cards.

  • Patient details (name, ID number, date of birth) are retrieved from the RI Witness database.

  • Normal and reverse-printed labels are provided, with reverse-printed labels visible through the base of transparent containers.
    • Automatic font size selection to maximise the use of available label space
    • Self-adhesive
    • Laser printable

Optional products

Facilitates procedures requiring a microscope without the need for temporary heat.

Barcode label printing for cryo
The Cryo function allows sta to code, print and track patient material

Cycle overview display (COD)
Provides live updates, displaying details like cycle type and the last or next procedures.

Imaging function
Allows the use of a second screen for microscope images

Legs forwork area
Four adjustable workstation legs to lift the Embryology Heated Plate

Barcode scanners fortraceability & cryo
Wired and wireless scanners with stands for scanning barcodes

Patient display
Patients can view the embryo(s) to be implanted, with the displayed patient ID confirming the correct identification

Traceability function
This software records consumable barcodes and expiry dates

Data capture function
Allows users to input data into patient records, using a workstation’s touch screen or keyboard and mouse interface. Direct input eliminates transcription errors and avoids multiple data handling.