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Proiecte Speciale

Proiecte Speciale
Creating an optimal environment for human embryos


Proiecte Speciale

  • Designed for an environment as close as possible to in vivo conditions

  • All-natural 6-sided heating system using Alu Heat technology

  • Emulator for basal body temperature (BBT)

  • State-of-the-art gas and temperature control – HEPA and VOC filtered gas supply

  • Built-in gas mixer – recirculated gas can reduce running costs

  • Minimizes embryo stress from environmental changes, including pH

  • Uses ORIGIO and LifeGlobal filter technology for excellent air quality in the chambers


Proiecte Speciale

Cost effective

Low acquisition cost per patient
Eco-friendly with lower power and gas consumption
Low maintenance costs

Extensive monitoring options

On-screen monitoring and logging
K-Link™ data logging system
Built-in sensors for independent monitoring of chamber temperature
Connectivity for external monitoring of CO₂, alarm output to clinic, and SignipHy™ pH monitoring system

Minimalist Danish design

Intuitive, attractive and ergonomic
One-step lids easy to open and close
Easy to clean
Dish inserts easily removed and autoclaved
Built-in temperature and equilibration chamber for media and dishes

Advanced user controls with built-in 7” touch-screen display

Easy to use – even with gloves on
Built-in security with multi-level password protection
Graphic color display

Easy to maintain and service

Easy to replace filters
On-screen information

Proiecte Speciale

Proiecte Speciale

Measurement section

Displays device measurements every 30 seconds, connection status, email notification settings for alarms, and an „Open Log” button

Graph section

Graphs temperature or gas levels over time

Alarm display section

K-Link displays alarm status, changing color to red when activated and back to green when deactivated, refreshing every 5 seconds

Service tab

Displays software versioning, device connectivity, and serial number information, along with countdowns for service checks and filter changes. The service alarm triggers until countdowns are reset

Warning tab

Displays information on the last 50 individual alarms

Measurement section

Alarm display section

Warning tab

Service tab

Proiecte Speciale

Proiecte Speciale
A wide range of accessories and supporting products designed to work in harmony with your culture protocol.

LifeGlobal dishes

Culture dishes in two sizes: Ø60mm and Ø38mm
Designed for IVF, these CE-marked, FDA-cleared devices undergo rigorous 1-cell MEA, endotoxin (LAL), and sterility testing. Made from non toxic medical-grade polystyrene, they are packaged to minimize o-gassing and limit VOC introduction to the lab

Stacking system

Accommodates three G210 incubators, equivalent to 30 patients or about 1,500 cycles annually.
Features sliding shelves, built-in power outlets, a heat removal fan, a tray system for organized storage, lockable doors, and space for a PC running K-Link for all three incubators

Dish inserts

The G210 require dish inserts for each chamber, which will ensure correct heat transfer to the media in the dish

Calibration devices

Calibration devices ensure your K-Systems incubator stays operational, enabling frequent QC checks in the clinic