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Proiecte Speciale

Proiecte Speciale


Proiecte Speciale

  • Minimized stress and optimal fertilization

  • Supports conventional IVF and ICSI procedures

  • Designed to nurture both gametes during fertilization

  • Promotes optimal sperm function for enhanced success

  • Shared base formulation minimizes stress for optimal fertilization

Proiecte Speciale

Proiecte Speciale

  • ORIGIO®, SAGE and LifeGlobal®:
    • three established brands
    • a common philosophy
    • to enhance clinic success with quality ART media

  • Media for every step of the ART journey, including: oocyte retrieval andrology, fertilization, embryo culture and biopsy, cryopreservation

  • The role of culture media in ART

  • Culture systems minimize stresses to gametes and embryos in vitro

  • They deliver a balance of ions, energy substrates, and nutrients

  • Essential for optimizing clinical outcomes in the ART lab