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Proiecte Speciale

Proiecte Speciale


Proiecte Speciale

Single-step embryo culture media

Supports uninterrupted culture of embryos to blastocyst stage

Comparable efficacy to sequential media for embryogenesis

Global® is protein-free medium with 15 years of proven performance

SAGE 1-StepTM: Ready-to-use culture medium with HA and HSA

Sequential embryo culture media

Replicates the in vivo environment for embryos

Meet their metabolic and physiological needs at each stage

The Origio Sequential Series is formulated with research-backed concentrations for optimal cellular function

Hyaluronan enhances embryo development and implantation rates

SAGE 1-Step Medium

Ongoing support for the embryo

Hyaluronan with HSA promotes embryonic development, cryosurvival

Optimized D-glucose, L-lactate for continuous uninterrupted culture

Reduces ammonium accumulation with stable glutamine

Limits stress-induced calcium influx with high Mg2+ to Ca2+ ratio

Culture media with GM-CSF

Embryo-endometrial communication is essential for a successful pregnancy

Cytokines play a key role in stimulating this communication

Mimics the female reproductive tract environment

Enhances endometrial receptivity for successful implantation

Facilitates communication between embryo and endometrium