Uterine tips

Product code: UMXXXX

Disposable uterine tips ensure greater versatility and adapt to the unique anatomy of patients being available in 5 sizes with lengths of: 3.75 cm, 6 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm and 12 cm.
Each uterine tip has a distal balloon that once inflated ensures positioning in the uterus and a soft, foldable silicone tip to avoid potential uterine punctures.

Manufacturer: CooperSurgical, Inc. Tags: manipulatoare_uterine , varfuri_uterine

For more information please contact us at telephone number: +40-726 30 08 11.

Online assistance +40 21 332.76.31

Details about Uterine tips

Uterine tips - 6 sizes available:

UMY514 RUMI® uterine tip, yellow, 5.1mm x 3.75cm, 5 pcs. / box
UML516 RUMI® uterine tip, lavender, 5.1mm x 6cm, 5 pcs. / box
UMW676 RUMI® uterine tip, white, 6.7 mm x 6 cm, 5 pcs. / box
UMB678 RUMI® uterine tip, blue, 6.7 mm x 8 cm, 5 pcs. / box
UMG670 RUMI® uterine tip, green, 6.7 mm x 10 cm, 5 pcs. / box
UMO672 RUMI® uterine tip, orange, 6.7 mm x 12 cm, 5 pcs. / box
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