The mission of our service department is to minimize the residence time for the equipments of our clients. We achieve this by having a wide stock of spare parts and an exemplary trained team, both technically and logistically.

The studies of our producers confirm that without a professional post-warranty maintance, the medical equipments reduce their life by 3 to 5 years!

The experience accumulated over the years helps us to a better understanding of our clients’ necessities and ensures optimum performances on the territory, as well as through telephone assistance.

By signing a service contract that provides periodic revisions of your equipments, the damages caused by malfunctioning of the parts will be eliminated by their change in time. The maintenance of the medical equipments is a routine process that must be carried out constantly, in order to eliminate the risk of unexpected failures. Our department offers you such services in convenient packages and at optimum costs.

For a better and more effective collaboration and communication with the service department of X-lab Solutions, we have introduced the Call Center service, in order to receive service messages from our clients, to manage and direct the messages to the right person, leading to a fast answering and resolving of the problems that generated a particular request.

Thereby, in any matter concerning the service department, please contact us at the following phone number +40 726 300 811

Servicii X-Lab Solutions:

Installation - commission of analyzers, followed by operating instructions
Troubleshooting - having a rich experience in the field, our engineers can identify and solve or replace the malfunctioning components, in an optimum time, so that the operators can resume work as soon as possible; the repair processes can take place in-house or at the customer’s premises
Maintenance - we ensure maintenance for all types of equipments, under a contract with monthly payments or on-call
Parts and supplies - for receiving a price offer, we ask that you contact us at office@xlab.ro or at the phone number +40 726 300 811
Advising - the identification and sizing of the analyzers and the applications according to the necessities of each laboratory, assures the performance of the equipments, as well as technical support after the installation.

Currently, we are authorized to perform, repair, maintenance and advising for the following products:

  • Biochemistry analyzers Flexor and Microlab manufactured by Vital Scientific - Holand
  • Blood gas analyzers manufactured by Radiometer – Denmark
  • Laboratory and industrial microscopes manufactured by Micros - Austria and Meiji Tehno - Japan
  • Urine readers Laura Smart and Laura manufactured by Erba Lachema – Czech Republic
  • Hemoglobinometers, GLU and LAC analyzers manufactured by EKF - Germany
  • ELISA Plate readers and washers manufactured by DAS - Italy
  • Sterilization equipments and thermostats manufactured by Raypa - Spain
  • Clean rooms, laboratory furniture, laminar flow hoods manufactured by Plasteurope - France
  • Spirometers and pulseoximeters Spirolab range, Spirobank range, Spirodoc, manufactured by MIR – Italy
  • ECG instruments, ECG holters and effort testing systems Kenz Cardico, Cardy holters, manufactured by Suzuken Kenz - Japan
  • Laryngoscopes, ophthalmoscopes manufactured by Timesco – UK

In order to request an intervention from the service team, you have to complete the standard service application with as many details as possible and then send it by fax at +40 021 332 76 33 or by email at service@xlab.ro. You will be contacted by a member of our department as soon as possible.

The advantages of collaborating with us:

  • Due to the organization of the engineering team and to the existing logistic, the response time of repairing the malfunction is of maximum 24 hours. We know the importance of a nonoperational service, that is why we focus on optimizing the offered services;
  • Our services cover our entire country. The efficient organization of the activity of this department and the short time for solving the problems is due to the presence of our local service centers in Bucharest, Cluj- Napoca, Iasi and Timisoara and to the numerous collaborators in the territory;
  • Our company provides a technical department prepared to identify and solve the encountered problems. The quality level of the services is ensured by the experience, training, specialization and adaptability of X-lab Solutions’ employees;

Cost of interventions upon request:

  • Price in EURO without VAT/hour: 70
  • Mileage EURO without VAT/km: 0.2

Comanda de service

Solicitarile de interventie pot fi onorate numai in conditiile operarii aparaturii cu reactivi / consumabile originali / originale si a inexistentei unor facturi scadente !

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