3ML LED Video Colposcope Leisegang

Product code: BG005000

Video Colposcope Leisegang, 3ML LED Model, with Touch Panel PC and MediaWorkStation.

Manufacturer: Leisegang GMBH Warranty: 12 luni Tags: leisegang , video-colposcop , colposcop

For more information please contact us at telephone number: +40-726 30 08 11.

Online assistance +40 21 332.76.31

Details about 3ML LED Video Colposcope Leisegang

Component parts:
BG005000 Leisegang 3ML LED Colposcope - for documenting examination results: x 7.5 / 15/30 magnification
BG000135 Stand Balance-o-Matic
B0001500 5-wheel base for the Balance o-Matic stand
B0004253 Canon EOS DSLR Camera Adapter
K0001000 Canon EOS 750D camera or similar - for connection to the 3ML LED colpscope
B0004440 MWS - MediaWorkStation - Basic Edition - software for documenting and archiving exams, pedal included
B0004441 Touch Panel PC
K0004454 Clamp for MWS Touch Panel PC
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