SAGE 1-Step with Human Serum Albumin 10ml

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The SAGE 1-Step with Human Serum Albumin 10ml media is used for continuous embryo culture and transfer.

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Details about SAGE 1-Step with Human Serum Albumin 10ml

Description for SAGE 1-Step with Human Serum Albumin 10ml

SAGE 1-StepTM with HAS- a single step medium for continuous embryo culture from day 0-5/6, used after insemination (IVF or ICSI). Can be used with media renewal or for continuous culture.
The formulation is developed in consultancy with Dr. Patrick Quinn and draws on the best available scientific knowledge with state-of-the-art components compiled in one medium.
New! Introducing hyaluronan to uninterrupted embryo culture
High Mg2+: Ca2+ ratio to limit the effects of in vitro induced metabolic stress
Reduced ammonium build-up via two mechanisms:
- The use of a stable glutamine source
- A low alanine content in media
Use of the bioactive L-lactate for tighter control of intracellular pH
Can be used both with and without media renewal following IVF or ICSI insemination

Composition: potassium chloride, potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, amino acids, L-alanyl-L-glutamine, calcium-L-lactate, glucose, sodium pyruvate, sodium bicarbonate, EDTA, gentamicin, phenol red, human serum albumin
Shelf life guarantee: 8 weeks
CE marked
Quality control testing
- Sterility tested
- Osmolality tested
- pH tested
- Endotoxin tested ≤ 0.15 EU/ml
- Mouse Embryo Assay

Prices: do not contain external transport.
External transport: varies between 80–135 euros / transport (depending on the ordered quantities).

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