Oocyte collection

The oocytes are female gametes that have the potential to conceive of a human being when they are fertilized by a male gamet.

The collection is the process by which mature oocytes are collected from ovarian follicles. One single egg, released as part of the monthly menstruation or in combination with hyperovulation, can allow simultaneous recovery of numerous mature oocytes.

Successful recovery of mature eggs is an essential condition of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure.

The main steps in the development of oocyte recovery techniques are presented below.

          a) Ovarian stimulation

Developing methods for artificially inducing ovulation/hyperovulation and oocyte maturation has greatly increased the effectiveness of their collection. Hyperovulation allows the simultaneous collection of numerous mature oocytes (between 8 and 12 cells) over a single cycle, each with the potential to be fertilized and implanted.

         b) Laparoscopic collection

In the early 1980s, new instruments were introduced to help with the laparoscopic recovery of the oocyte. They have increased the success rate of the IVF process by up to 60-80%. A medical device, controlled by a pedal, was inserted to adjust the pressure used for oocytes aspiration.

In this sense, LifeGlobal's Pioner Pro Pump is the reference standard for oocyte collection.

         c) Ultrasound guidance

The ultrasound was and is being used for ovarian screening, follicular development assessment and calendar planning for oocyte recovery.

         All of the above do not affect the quality of oocytes. Patients whose ovarian reserve has decreased due to age and / or environmental factors may have a limited number of viable oocytes. In many of these cases, oocytes are used.

The oocyte collection is performed after follicular maturation monitoring by transvaginal follicular puncture, under ultrasound guidance, with Origio or Wallace puncture needles.

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