Lotus MCX51 ECO PLUS Laboratory Microscope

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The Lotus MCX51 laboratory microscope delivers an outstanding performance in the fields of clinical laboratories, veterinary laboratories and biology while also being an excellent choice for schools and universities.

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Details about Lotus MCX51 ECO PLUS Laboratory Microscope

Technical specifications Lotus MCX51 ECO PLUS Laboartory Microscope

Lotus MCX51 body 203 x 145 mm with LED illumination for 110-220 VAC, 50/60Hz
SMART SENSE system - clever energy saving (shut off after 15 minutes of no use)
Quadruple reversed angle nosepiece

Focusing: Low position, coaxial coarse and calibrated fine focus control. Total focusing range 20 mm

Saftey autofocus stop unit, graduation reading 2 µ per division

ARCTYPE binocular head 30° inclined, 360° rotatable, interpupillary distance 48-75 mm,fixed onto the microscope body


Rackless, double layer mechanical stage, 150 x 133 mm with exchangeable, ultra-hardened, frosted, flexible glass plate with rounded edges for safe handling, stage movement up/down 20 mm, traveling range 76mm (X) x 30mm (Y), specimen holder for one hand operation, fixed onto the microscope body


Abbé Brightfield condenser with aperture iris diaphragm, n.A. 1.25, with scale for each objective, slot in condenser for BF/DF attachment. BF/PH attachment and for BF/DF/PH attachment fixed onto the microscope body

Eyepieces (2 pcs)

WF 10x/18 Widefield, suitable to spectacle wearers, no additional eye-shilds required fixed onto the tube

Infinity corrected Objectives, fixed onto the nosepiece
ICO² Plan 4/0.10, WD 26.2 mm, CC -
ICO² Plan 10/0.25, WD 10.0 mm, CC 0.17
ICO² Plan 40/0.65, WD 0.54 mm, CC 0.17
ICO² Plan 100/1.25 oil, WD 0.13 mm, CC 0.17


Phase Contrast
Two variants of sliders available:
- Brightfield and Phase Contrast 10/40
- Brightfield, Darkfield and Phase Contrast 10/40

Infinity corrected phase contrast objectives:
ICO² Phase 10x/0.25 WD 10mm
ICO² Phase 40x/0.65 WD 0.35mm

Centering telescope

Heating stage system

A heating stage or temperature controlled stage is needed when a constant temperature has to be provided to observe special specimen like living cells. It is applied easily to the LOTUS MCX51 stages.

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