Daffodil MCX100 Laboratory Microscope with HBO Fluorescence Attachment

Product code: 550105-HAL

The Daffodil MCX100 Microscope with HBO Fluorescence Attachment is a high quality performance microscope for fluorescence applications at an excellent price-performance.

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Details about Daffodil MCX100 Laboratory Microscope with HBO Fluorescence Attachment

Features for Daffodil MCX100 Microscope with HBO Fluorescence Attachment

Microscope body
Sturdy base 300 x 270 mm, quintuple reversed angle nosepiece
Power supply: 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Infinity corrected optical system
Standard magnification range 40x - 1000x
Illumination Systems
- 6V20W Halogen system
- 1W LED system
Koehler Illumination System, field iris in collector

Low position coaxial coarse and calibrated fine focus control, incorporated tension adjustment and safety autofocus stop unit; total focusing range 20mm, graduation reading 2 µ per division

Observation tube
With an inclination of 30° the ergonomic ARCTYPE observation tube allows the greatest possible relief to the neck musculature, rotatable 360°, adjustable interpupillary distance 48 - 75 mm and diopter adjustment

Abbé Brightfield condenser with aperture iris nA 1.25. The scale for each objective ensures a quick preset for an optimal viewing result. The available slot on the condenser allows an easy upgrade of the microscope

Eyepieces (1 pair)
Eyepieces EW10x/20 Widefield, suitable to spectacle wearers
Fits eyepiece tube Ø 23mm

Infinity Corrected Fluorescence ICO² Plan objectives
FL ICO² Plan 4x/0.10, W.D. 17.3 mm, CC-
FL ICO² Plan 10/0.25, W.D. 10.2 mm, CC 0.17
FL ICO² Plan 40/0.65, spring loaded, W.D. 0.5 mm, CC 0.17
FL ICO² Plan 100/1.25, oil, spring loaded, W.D. 0.13 mm, CC 0.17

Fluorescence Attachment

Equipped with HBO burner 100 Watt and focusing/centering screws
Light Filter System
B (blue light), G (green light) and O (transmitted light)
Excitation filter (EX) (B) EX490 (G) EX545
Double direction dichroic mirror (B) DM510, (G) DM580
Cut-off filter (BA) (B) BA530, (G) BA590
Also included in the Set are:
- 2 pcs Super high pressure spherical mercury lamp HBO 100 Watt
- 2 pcs Fuse 250V 8A
- 1 pc Screen for eye protection
- 1 pc Special oil for fluorescence
Upgradable light filter system
Violet and Ultra-Violet light filter system
Violet: excitation filter BP 390 ~ 410, dichroic mirror DM 455, barrier filter BA 480
Ultra-Violet: excitation filter BP 370 ~ 390, dichroic mirror DM 400, barrier filter BA 440

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